Dare to go Ashanti…it’s a rare experience

It’s simple: this is the heart of the country. This is the land of the great Ashanti warriors and the land of the infamous golden stool.

Photo credit Yaw Pare

Not just sightseeing…but finding your way to lost civilization

The Ashanti has Kumasi as its capital, which was commissioned by Asantehene, Osei Tutu. This historically rich backdrop houses museums, forts and churches and does not shy away from its ancestral influences.  Festivals celebrated include Akwasidae

Threads and weaves

Make your way to Adanwomase which is one of the many places to find the best in  Kente Cloth (brightly coloured cloth consisting of separate strips sewn together ) if you can’t get your fair share of these unique pieces you could also head down town to  Bonwire another Kente hub.

Open market

Kejetia market is West Africa’s biggest open market where you can immerse yourself in environment. Here you can get vintage items, livestock, food and anything you can think. How sharp are you bargain your way through.

Friendly and modern warfare

The Military Museum is one of few military museums in Africa. It is located in the Uaddara Barracks in Kumasi, The Prempeh Museum, Kumasi Cultural Centre, Kumasi Zoo and Kumasi Central market are all within walking distance of the fort.

Photo credit Yaw Pare

Something you never heard before: funeral tourism

Yes! Your next and unforgettable adventure! Attend an actual funeral uninvited but even more welcome than visiting friends and family. Of course, you will get family members to explain what’s going on. Meet professional wailers…you could try your voice at this and get filmed to grace the occasion. Kumasi, here we come!!!

Photo credit Yaw Pare


Owabi Wildlife Sanctuary is a bird sanctuary, located in Kumasi. It is home to many butterflies, over 100 bird species, monkeys and the more elusive bush pig, bushbuck and antelope.

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