72 hrs in Gold Coast

Why Central and Western Regions?

Adventurous; Exhilarating, UNEXPECTED, Vibrant, Emotional!!!  The central/western experience is one of those experiences you have to live.  The allure lies in the emotional history of the country. It’s a sensory experience against a colonial backdrop which are tell-tale signs of what life used to be. There are a many story here waiting to be discovered and a great many stories waiting to begin. Come write your first chapter!

Cape Coast is the capital of the Central Region, in southern Ghana. It’s known for its role in the transatlantic slave trade. It is home to the Fantes one of the major ethnic groups in the Gold Coast.  Come experience the colorful Fetu Afahye festival celebrated to honor the gods.

Truth (or history) be told to the history buffs…

For the history buff the Cape Coast castle and Elmina castle are a great way to learn about the inner workings of the infamous slave trade. Pass through the University of Cape Cost and the Cultural center to learn a thing or two about the Fante people.

What else is Cape Coast famous for?

Immerse yourself in another world by learning about Ghana’s educational history by visiting the schools built by the early missionaries. It truly is worth the trip to see the colonial architecture of high schools like Holy Child, Wesley Girls, Mfantsipim School, Adisadel College and the University of Cape Coast.

We make provision for the Adrenaline Junkies…

Make your way to Adanwomase which is one of the many places to find the best in  Kente Cloth (brightly coloured cloth consisting of separate strips sewn together ) if you can’t get your fair share of these unique pieces you could also head down town to  Bonwire another Kente hub.

Open market

Adventurist alert- test your bravery with the canopy walk way at Kakum National Park and the crocodile pond at Hans Cottage.

Mix with the locals

For those who would like to find the popular watering hole you could head down to Goil restaurant, fuel station and snack bar by day and hip high-life and live band stage by night. Find your way to Coconut Grove a beach resort that offers horse riding, golf and a crocodile pond as well. Then for the animal lover you could head towards the sting-less bee center around Kakum and the ostrich farm around the same area.  Watch how fish is expertly smoked by highly industrious women or how gari, a local staple is made.  You can own a canoe for the day by painting/branding it.  You definitely can’t go back without doing any of these.

The best comes from the West…they say

Lose yourself to this enchanting, beautiful Maaha Island which is integrated with complex of elusive beaches and birds migrating all the way from Sweden. The Western Region is both a nature lover’s asylum and an architectural haven because of the cluster of European trading forts and due to its picturesque greenery, it’s a great place to watch birds.

For the more reclusive laid bunch or even happy lovers Lou Moon Lodge is another hidden gem along this unique coastline. Write, meditate whatever calms you this is the best way to go.


Head towards Nzulezu the village on stilts and cross the water in a canoe.  Fort Saint Anthony was a fort built by the Portuguese in 1515 n the Dutch captured.  Find yourself transported to another world at the Maaha Beach Resort which offers its guests tennis, an in-house cinema and an exclusive Maaha island or just engage your curiosity you could watch the mysterious turtles down at the Green turtle lodge.  You can venture further into the Ankasa Bamboo Cathedrale.

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