Intrigued by Service is a team of carefully selected specialist consultants married to the hospitality and wellness space in Africa. Together, we help property owners plot, plan and implement their dreams, each with their very own special twist. We eat, live and breathe service and are especially intrigued by hotels, restaurants, spas, tourism sites, event and meeting spaces. Having covered all areas of running successful hospitality and wellness businesses and recognizing the need for these services on our turf for other properties, our consultants decided to take it to the next level to show how intrigued we are, by service.

Being highly specialist in this territory, we stay close to our expertise and create value with pervasive and smart ‘active marketing’ at every property we touch. We drive engagement with our network of contacts and always make it better than it was before.

We intend to find people and organizations in the hospitality and wellness space doing things that could be a big part of the future and help them tell their story! We are changing the face of hospitality and wellness in Africa

“100 years of collective experience and counting… It’s not just how we work, it’s how we live and inspire great service”

Wilhelmina Appenteng

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Nadine Catherine

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Thomas Bernklau

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