Table Manners, Workplace Manners

Table Manners, Workplace Manners

Minding Table Manners

Take the unwelcome spotlight off your executives by taking table etiquette a bit more seriously.


Making reservations – when to arrive & how to act/dietary requirements, posture & controlling nervous habits, controlling & maintaining table conversations. Pre-service etiquette (glassware, china & flatware) public dinning etiquette for specifics. Etiquette for beverages – alcoholic & non-alcoholic; tipping, finishing & departing.

Minding Workplace Manners

Presenting office ambassadors – competent, well presented professionals in business & beyond.


People spend thousands of dollars on their education and forget that they will more often be judged on how they present themselves than on what they know. Business etiquette 101; cell phone and telephone etiquette; office meeting etiquette; business card etiquette; employee etiquette; e-mail etiquette; employer etiquette; toilet etiquette; office party etiquette; sickness & grief etiquette, social media etiquette etc.

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