Why Us

A Trusted Voice for
Meetings & Conferences

“Wilma and her team handled the hotel accommodation, transportation coordination, event planning, food and beverage planning, and every additional need of our attendees, all of whom are very affluent and sophisticated travelers of the world. It was fantastic and memorable from start to finish. Your attention to detail is impeccable and your thoughtfulness distinctive. We all know that doesn’t happen by accident and it is your exceptional hard work and commitment to excellence that create these results. Well done guys!” Michée M.

We Know What
Makes A Perfect Trip!

“I like that they met with all of us (kids inclusive) to find out what our preferences were. Of course, they were biased towards the kids and reached out for a beach hotel. Imagine! They got the hotel to create adorable sand castle lessons for our babies and our very own special family bonfire and traditional story telling night. They still talk about this travel fondly to anyone who will listen. Abena A. B.

Everything is Possible!

“Let’s face it, my senior partner and I were highly apprehensive about their choice of hotel as it was an unknown brand, but they truly selected the best. We were greeted on arrival at the hotel by the owner who already knew our names. They knew why we were in the country and offered to help with local contacts for our business. That doesn’t happen everywhere.” Gary A.

We walk the talk!

“Our data team planned a 2-day teambuilding session at a hotel located 4 hours drive from our office. The Director of Sales however referred us to Wilhelmina’s team for some new recommendations considering our goal of total commitment to customer focus. With each option, they knew the hoteliers well and had them all trying to outdo each other with more offers. Not only did they get us exclusive rates, they got us a shortlisted fun team-building menu with surprise wins.” Steven A.

A Vote of Confidence – ALWAYS!

“Shirley was turning forty and the Intrigued team suggested a 5-day hotel hopping girls extended weekend away! Even as natives, we were still surprised at the most unlikely places to find fascinating hotels and spa experiences. We were loud but fun and that was never a problem anywhere we went! We skipped every queue and every menu handed to us had a hand-written birthday note to Shirley. They ensured that Shirley turned forty ‘right’!” Pearl Q