48hrs by road

Head to the east side of Ghana…

Akosombo, in the Eastern Region is home to one of the friendliest and excessively polite people in the country.  Make a pit stop at the Shai Hills Resource Reserve to catch a glimpse of rocky hills, grassland plains and wildlife…at the right time, though.  The Royal Senchi Resort offers a fantastic welcome for a break and sleepover.  The resort’s Ghanaian village architecture coupled with world class modernity is ideal for couples, individuals and families and offers boat rides with a great view of the Volta Lake to the Adomi Bridge.  A great stay includes the use of their spa, water sports, golf driving range and use of their nature park.

A further immersion into Akosombo would mean a guided tour of the Akosombo Hydro-electric Dam giving you a real history of Ghana’s power efforts; the construction of the dam flooding part of the basin and leading to the subsequent creation of the Lake Volta, while giving you a view of one of Ghana’s top three most breathtaking views.

Love waterfalls…Go here!

Proceed to Ho, the capital of the Volta Region and explore your creativeness at the various bead factories and stalls. A tour of the Cedi Bead Factory is a must for visitors to the Eastern Region. Here, glass beads are made from recycled glass bottles and sold to markets and craft shops through the country and overseas. At this factory, you can watch the intricate production process from beginning to end.

This region has an in-touch landscape which reveals the beauty of nature where your vacation will likely be defined by the highest mountain Mount Gemi; at the very peak of this mountain is a tall cross made of iron erected by German missionaries in 1939.  Attached on the cross is the remnant of a communication antenna used by the Germans during World War II. Mt Gemi is not only an attraction but it’s also a symbol Africa of colonialization. A place for spiritual or meditative relationship with yourself.  You could also take a hike to the famous Wli Waterfalls, the highest waterfalls in West Africa; and a meet and greet with Colobus monkeys at the Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary; a walk through the forest of Tafi-Atome Monkey Sanctuary is not only one of most favorite tourism spot in Volta region but also in whole Ghana. You can play with lovely monkey and spend funny time in wildlife and nature in Volta region. The Tafi sanctuary it simply your union with the closes animal that resemble a human being. Enjoy your holiday in charming forest surrounded of the funniest monkeys ever and name one before you leave.

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